User Interface Designer ~ 1 Position

We are searching for a UI Ninja, a UX Unicorn, a Interaction Design Jedi - all put together in one ; someone who loves making beautiful user-interfaces. Someone who will handcraft a UI till that last pixel. Someone who has an impeccable aesthetic and visual design sense. Someone who understands web-typography.

Someone who will actively participate in ideation and information architecture phases of a software-design project. Someone who can work with a young software development team and understand all the jargon that they throw at you. Someone who enjoys working in the madness
that a start-up is.

If you are that someone, why not mail us your portfolio
(a web-link is preferable) at [email protected] soon, and we’ll call you. Industry experience is a
definite plus.

Our Brief UXD
(Click on any step for details)
Study client/partners strengths and context realities > Identify critical opportunity areas and pick the most potent.
Study opportunity area in depth > Identify and study users > Observe patterns > Identify pain points.
Rank user pain points > Build detailed Entity - Relationship diagrams and Information Architectures.
Seek/build requisite subject matter expertise > Ideatesolutions > Rank solutions.
Identify tech-framework to deliver solution > Agree upon taxonomy and handshake with the dev' team.
Ideate solution deployment > Feature details > Detailed Task-flows.
Sketch Wire-frames/mock-ups > Populate Dummy system dataset and check wire-frames for coherence > iterate Wire-frames (with dummy data set) till closure.
Code/implement mock-up > working prototype > test till it's bug free.
Test prototype for scaling performance. (With Live data )
Release product and update product roadmap with learnings.